The Sword of Allah - Khalid Bin Waleed (Ral)

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Chapter 5: The Conversion of Khalid

 Part I: In the Time of the Prophet (SAWS)


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Khalid took to visiting the Prophet frequently. He would listen for hours to the talks of the Prophet. He would drink at the fountain of wisdom and virtue that was Muhammad, Messenger of Allah. One day Khalid and Fadhl bin Abbas (cousin of the Prophet) visited him in the house of his wife, Maimuna, who was an aunt of Khalid. Just then a Bedouin friend had sent a cooked dish as a gift to the Prophet, and as was his custom, the Prophet asked the guests to stay and share his meal. A cloth was spread on the ground and around it they all sat-the Prophet, his wife, and the two guests.

As the Prophet extended his hand towards the dish, Maimuna asked, "O Messenger of Allah, do you know what this is?"


"This is roast lizard!"

The Prophet withdrew his hand. "This meat I shall not eat", he said.

"O Messenger of Allah", asked Khalid, "is it forbidden?"


"Can we eat it?"

"Yes, you may do so."

Maimuna also abstained from the food, but Khalid and Fadhl ate their fill of the dish. Roast lizard was a favourite among the desert Arabs. Apparently it was a favourite with Khalid too, for he ate heartily! 1

1. This little-known incident is taken from Ibn Sad: p. 381.